Zurich Lewis for Cerritos College Board 2022

As a father, educator, and the incumbent trustee, I respectfully ask for your vote.

Zurich's Candidate Statement:

Since Day 1 I fulfilled the trust of the voters and fought for the vision I promised. In my first term my colleagues entrusted me to be Board President for 2 consecutive years. Today, I ask for your vote to continue the unprecedented success of Cerritos College as we fight for more progress together.

Even through COVID, Cerritos College achieved record-breaking graduation rates. We strengthened our partnership with Norwalk-La Mirada USD offering High Schoolers a path to earn a college degree on campus. We balanced our budget. We offer the best programs including nursing, culinary arts, and athletics, with students transferring to top universities! Cerritos College is ranked the 11th best community college in the nation! We offer classes at a new La Mirada site after my successful advocacy to bring public higher education closer to our community.

Community service is my passion. As a lifelong resident of our community, I served as Rotary Club President, Love La Mirada Boardmember, and as a Biola Tennis Coach.

As a child of an immigrant that struggled for a better life, I will continue my commitment to our community to ensure universal access to higher education.

I respectfully ask for your vote.

Zurich Lewis

Our Endorsements

La Mirada Supporters

Anthony Otero
Steve De Ruse
Mayor Pro-Tem
John Lewis
Councilmember and Past Mayor
Ed Eng
Councilmember and Past Mayor
Hal Malkin
Past Mayor
Pauline Deal
Past Mayor
Larry Mowles
Past Mayor
C. David Peters
Past Mayor
Karen Morrison
Norwalk-La Mirada USD Boardmember and Past President
Chris Staples
Norwalk-La Mirada USD Boardmember
Narcis Brasov
Norwalk-La Mirada USD Boardmember
Jesse Urquidi
Past Norwalk-La Mirada USD Boardmember
Chris Pflanzer
Past Norwalk-La Mirada USD Boardmember
Richard Cline
Planning Commission Chair
Philip Massey
Planning Commission Vice-Chair
Lee Olsen
Planning Commissioner and Past Chair
Mik Saenz
Planning Commissioner and Past Chair
Rebecca Cline
Community Services Commission Chair
Raymond Fernandez
Community Services Commissioner
John Ojeisekhoba
Public Safety Vice-Chair
Michelle Lynch
Public Safety Commissioner
Russell Hall
Community Foundation Boardmember

Norwalk Supporters

Ana Valencia
Vice Mayor
Jennifer Perez
Councilmember and Past Mayor
Bob Arthur
Past Mayor and Past Cerritos College Trustee
Leonard Shryock
Past Mayor and Past Norwalk-La Mirada USD Boardmember
Norma Amezcua
Norwalk-La Mirada USD Board President
Jose Rios
Norwalk-La Mirada USD Boardmember
Dora Sandoval
Little Lake CSD Past Board President

Other Communities

James Cody Birkey
Cerritos College Board President
Shin Liu
Cerritos College Board Vice President
Marisa Perez
Cerritos College Boardmember and Past President
Mariana Pacheco
Cerritos College Boardmember
Don Knabe
Past Los Angeles County Supervisor and Past Mayor of Cerritos
Blanca Pacheco
Mayor of Downey
Mario Guerra
Past Mayor of Downey
Rick Rodriguez
Past Mayor of Downey